Opportunity to Earn Rs. 30,000 in Next 10 days


World rely on Referrals!  

Whenever we wanted to take any decision in life…be it joining a particular college, joining new company for Job, buying a Car, Mobile, Clothes etc…..we always seek for advice or rely on reference by our friends/relatives/classmates etc.

Today many of our friends/relatives/classmates are looking for Job in IT industry but are not getting jobs due to lack in technical skills, soft skills etc and do not get proper guidance and training so as to become employable.

So considering our mission to provide employable manpower to IT industry, we have come up with referral scheme and we request you to kindly refer your our friends/relatives/classmates are looking for Job in IT industry by asking them to visit Cegonsoft for more details and join any Job Oriented courses.

For every referral who joins our job oriented courses, both referral and referee will be get rewarded…

Rewards For Person Who REFERS:

NUMBER OF REFERRALS 1 - 3 4 - 5 6 7th Onwords
COURSE REFERRAL AMOUNT Rs. 1000 per referral Rs. 2000 per referral Rs. 3000 per referral Rs. 5000 per referral
PROJECT REFERRAL AMOUNT Rs. 250 Rs. 250 Rs. 250 Rs. 250

  Your Contact Details
  Referral 1
  Referral 2
  Referral 3

Eg…If u refer 10 friends then You will get Rs. 30,000
 ( Rs. 3000 (1st  to 3rd referral@1000 X 3) + Rs.4000 ( 4th & 5th  referral@2000 each X 2) + Rs. 3000 (6th referral@3000 X1 ) + RS. 20,000 ( 7th onwords referral@5000 each X 4))

For any Final year project reference, Rs 250 discount or cash will be given immediately after the collection..

Happy Referrals!

How to Refer:

Just fill in the details of friends/relatives you are referring along with your contact details.

  Terms & Conditions:

  • Reference applicable only by filling this form and not by any other mode.
  • Referal amount will be paid in cash /cheque within 2 weeks of enrolment of your referral subject to joinee collection.
  • Cegon Reserves the right to modify or withdraw this referral scheme anytime without prior intimation.
  • To claim the referral bonus, you need to write a mail to info@cegonsoft.com giving details of enrollments of your friend/relative.

  • * Conditions Apply

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