Industrial Visit

Over 12 years, Cegonsoft has thoroughly researched on the job market, the mindset and motto of the candidates and the specification of the companies. Accordingly, we laid out the perfect structure to bridge the gap between the two ends by plummeting or eliminating the Resource Quality Gap Industrial, otherwise called the RQG. We designed a Training-Development-Consultancy methodology of IT training. The first of its kind in IT training method, it yielded thousands of success stories of aspiring candidates. Not only did we make aspirants reach their dream, we also rendered highly resourceful techies to the IT companies. Experience our dominance in this field as a part of our Industrial visit program. It is a sort of educational tour, in which we organize students visit, in groups or individual, to our client companies. This kind of industrial visits gives an insight to the pupil about the corporate work environment. The candidates are provided exposure to the latest technologies by the company professionals. Also they get to experience a one-to-one conversation with the IT professionals. All this in total makes the candidate aware of both the work and the workplace at IT Industry, which in the long run boosts the confidence of the individuals and makes them ready to be a part of the same world.

Cegonsoft Industrial visits programs are planned to encourage an industry level interaction and exposure for participants. This way they get better exposure to the practical knowledge of the technologies through company work procedure and employment requisites. From the academic point of view, this kind of activity also exposes the faculty members to technology talks and updates during their visit and also eases the work of the trainers to assist the candidates in report submission based on their industry visits.

Now the question arises why should an individual opt for the industrial visit program?

For someone pursuing a professional degree, it is included as a college curriculum activity, especially for the students pursuing engineering and MBA. Theoretical concept is not sufficient for a bright future of a corporate job aspirant. The motto behind the industrial visit plan is to expose the students to the practical way of internal functioning system and environment of corporate companies. It also gives them the complete insight to the current work practices prevalent in different job sectors from IT to Manufacturing and services to Marketing and finance, which is beyond the reach of the theoretical idea imparted at the college. The Industrial visit program organized by us with our collaboration with your colleges and our clientele helps to combine theoretical knowledge with industrial knowledge and make the students clearly understand the realities of the work culture at the corporate level.