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Java & J2EE Live Project 2016 with Professional Certification

Java is the most demanding professional skill in the IT industry. With 3-4 million apps, it is the world’s No.1 development platform and the No.1 choice among professional developers.

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SDLC – Prototype Model and its Testing

SDLC – Prototype Model and its Testing

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process is a type of structure or framework used in the development of any software product. There are many different lifecycle models defined. Waterfall model, spiral model, prototype model are a few such models. Selection of the model depends upon the requirement.

When to use Prototype Model:

Prototype model should be used when the desired system needs to have a lot of interaction with the end users. For example online systems, web interfaces have a very high amount of interaction with end users, are best suited for Prototype model.

Prototype Model:

In Prototype model  requirements are collected from the client in a textual format. The functional requirements of each prototype are analyzed and the prototype of the software product is developed. The prototype is just an image of required software product. Prototypes are tested and sent to the client for feedback. After feedback is received from the client, the required changes are implemented through the development phase. When the second prototype is ready, it is integrated with the first prototype, tested and then sent to the client. The development, prototyping and testing prototype are repeated until the final prototype is ready. The final prototype is sent to the client for a final feedback.

Prototype is earlier done by the developer. But, now it is done by web designer. They develop prototype of the product using simple readymade tools like CanvasFlip, Fluid UI.

Prototype Testing:

 Prototype testing means developers/testers are checking prototype to verify if all components mentioned exist or not. The difference between prototype testing and actual testing is in prototype testing we are checking if all the components existing whereas in actual testing we check if all components are working.

Advantages of Prototype model: 

  • Early determination of user requirement can result in faster and less expensive software
  • Customer gets the opportunity in the beginning itself to ask for changes in requirement. It is easy to do requirement changes in prototype than real application.

Disadvantages of Prototype model: 

  • There is delay in start of real project.
  • To improve communication there is an investment needed in building the prototype.

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