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Cegonsoft Pvt Ltd Bangalore- The best final year project training center.

Confused on what project to be done?  No ideas? OR  You got an idea?Cegonsoft Pvt Ltd ,Bangalore welcomes all Final year students for their academic Final year Projects.

If you are worried of how and what, we are here to gear-up introducing our vast project ideas and get to learn the latest technologies along with your project . (more…)

What is Open Source Web Development?

Open source web development

Role of Open Source Web Development for businesses :

Open Source Web Development has expanded rapidly by making – not a sensational topic that majority of the websites on the internet are driven in common by the open source technologies. These technologies could be core developmental languages like PHP and few other products built with these languages called frameworks to assist developers. For having a better ease of operation and coordination between developers and businesses for handling the content of the websites, Content Management Systems (CMS) like: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento were established robustly.

Benefits  : Open source software provides the most pertinent stability to the businesses that is most essential. The commercial proprietary softwares need to support adaptability of the latest versions .

Flexibility :

Provides excellent flexibility , can append or modify quality and security elements according the business needs.

Economical : Since its open source software , effectively offers developers with the flexibility to modify source code as per business needs. And there won’t be additional expense to be spent on paid softwares.

Cegonsoft is one of the best  open source web development company in Bangalore , expertise in vast technologies  of open source softwares namely : PHP, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal,  ZenCart, X-Cart, PrestaShop, SugarCRM, jQuery, osCommerce, Plone, Rails, Silverlight, Jenkins, django, TYPO3, Zikula, SPIP, Code Igniter, Symfony, Bulletin, Apache, vtiger, and many more.

PHP language is used  for backend development of the website. And is server side scripting language

Joomla is for content management system for publishing the content of the web.

Magento as an open source E- commerce platform.

Availing these futuristic features of the latest technologies drives robust development and petite coding time makes efficient web development.

We have vast experience in delivering the open source web projects that meets the business requirements of our potential customers. We will design your websites that are relevant to your interest and ideas in making you a happy customer.

We target on your site that it must be aesthetically impressive, optimal, strong functionality in getting you a strong business.

Our Experts design your site that brings you the highest ROI.

We designed and implemented websites over mobile device learning that mobile device drives more traffic.

We use the latest softwares to keep the websites updated .Few of them are HTML5, CSS 3, Drupal, Magento, WordPress and others.

Android ,Apps and Business

Android is the name of the mobile Operating system owned by American company Google. Keeping Linux Kernel as a base, specifically designed for touch screen smartphones, tablets.

At present, Android is the most wanted platform for every developer. Since the smartphone market has grown at a wild pace in the country, while Apple’s high priced phones disappointing common people to afford, Android has made it widespread across  the country reaching every common man ,who can afford on smartphones, tabs and many more.

People are addicted to mobile phones rigorously, resulting in radical demand for Android applications and its developments. Meanwhile there are millions of apps which run on Android making the business a fully wanted concept for everyone.

Are you thinking of running your business through mobile phone  apps? Do you want to make your firm familiar to people mobile phone apps? No idea whom to approach and to trust ?

Cegonsoft Bangalore , the most prominent mobile app Training and  development company, engaged in developing sophisticated applications for various smart phones and tablets.

We offer the best app experiences for Android app , iPhone app , iPad app, Windows etc to state a few.

We boost the profitability rate by high end application development

Why choose us ?

We are at the peak usage of Agile Software development making the provision for continual improvement. The application can be edited at any point in this process.

Our designs are safe and protected suiting the industry standards, within a given stretch .

Customized Softwares :  We tailor  the applications which accomplish your requirement flawlessly.

Assured Eminence        : we serve the best optimized Android application.

We are Economical      : Android  is open source ,and its software development kit(SDK) is free of cost hence making it easily integrated to your existing web site or mobile app with Android platform .

Our special services includes ,but not limited to development of Android apps :






Social networking


Food and restaurants

Custom Android apps

E-commerce and online booking

Wi-Fi and GPS enabled web apps

Upgrade and maintenance of Android application


Enterprise Android app developments

Travel and Utility development are a few to state.

Magento -Business -eCommerce

 Do you want to create an E-commerce online  store ?

 Why Magento is the best platform for eCommerce?

Magento is widely rich in open source features which is easily customizable.

Can add extension on its website effectively.

Allows product review system.

Ability to import huge sheets of product catalog easily.

Comprises with user friendly and SEO friendly website structures.

Multiple shipping Option available.

 Niches of Magento Development in websites:  

Fonts are multi- linguistic.

Multiple stores can be handled by single admin panel.

Adds support for multiple currencies  – single page  checkout options – tools of any third party can be integrated with web services API.

Yes! Cegonsoft provides excellent services  rather than concocted talks.

We provide impeccable services right from web designing, developing, till maintenance of your website. We are one of the eminent and rapid developers for custom designed which suits your business needs.

Our every custom web design and developmental procedures we target in constructing a successful E-commerce websites, having an effect on ahead solutions providing excellent usability and overall compatibility with respect to browsers and platforms.

We have enough maintenance fresh-minded, capably-behaved software solutions to put in your specific business needs.Our web developers are warm of tackling even the most perplexing situation logic. We meet the expense of objector, trustworthy software solutions to accessory your specific business essentials.

E-Commerce website design:

We provide full-fledged designs with attractive structure that speaks about not just only looks and feel, but also with sound functionality. We provide best online retail architecture for best online store experience in targeting your audience.

E-commerce CMS development

Get complete control over the content, and functionality of your store since we rigorously use CMS (Content management systems) such as  Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress in building  your robust website.

Support and Maintenance

We ensure that our team helps you maintain the highest possible ways in maintaining eCommerce standards and necessary services.

Why choose us ?  :

Custom website design and programming services

Open source themes design services

Graphical user interface services

eCommerce web design services

With all open source or HTML  which are user friendly

More than 100+ creative and innovative designs.

Customer satisfaction is the primary objective in all our ventures, delivering our services at the par of excellence ,which allows them to collect facilitate faster and greater business  than before than their competition.

We are aware of the dominant assistance trends and how things are going to influence for sophisticated E-commerce applications and we fine-flavor the growth in Bangalore.





IOS app development company Bangalore


The numerous iOS app development companies have raised  head across the globe because of the trends of ios apps which are never going to fade out.

Our professional iOS developer utilizes latest tool and abides by the ongoing trends behind it comes to building apps for iPhone and iPad devices.

We are one of the top most prominent iOS apps development company and have been developing iPhone and iPad apps in a vast diversity with respect to the  latest technology and developmental approach.

We offer stunning IPhone/ iOS solutions meeting the customer satisfaction :

Custom iPhone/iOS apps development

IPhone Social media Applications

IPhone widget development

IPad/iPhone Games development

Enterprise iPhone Applications

IPhone Apps testing

IPhone Support and maintenance.

Cegonsoft, the best  iOS application development company , engaging  our robust and innovative professionals in the development of  Apple iOS products – iPhone/iPad . Your innovative business ideas are curved with sound technical flavors into reality. The apps are developed using Xcode. The IDE provided by Apple to developers for building high-end iPhone and iPad apps uses both intention-C and Swift as the programming languages. This platform offers a big bunch of libraries for a variety of apps. We develop a great app for every sector. We have worked for all size of companies providing tremendous business solutions for various apps developments.

We offer the following developmental services in  :Retail, Telecom, Games

Multimedia, Web, Business, Banking, Social networking, Sports ,Food and restaurants, Custom Android apps, E-commerce and online booking, Health care are a few to state.

We are specialized in native apps as well.

People are addicted to mobile phones rigorously, resulting in radical demand for Android/iOS applications and its developments. Meanwhile there are millions of apps which run on Android/iOS making the business a fully wanted concept for everyone.

DotNet Training Bangalore

DOTNET  Framework

What is DOTNET?

It is a platform developed by Microsoft supporting multiple languages in it. It is mainly used to reduce effort of the developer to develop applications in any programming language and are rich in creating robust interfaces with high scalability.

The programs developed in .net are efficient in performance. Some of the new technologies introduced in .net like Silverlight, WPF, WCF, MVC etc.

It is a combination of both business strategy and collection of programming support like web services allowing you to develop modern software applications.

DotNET framework execute in a software environment and also in contrast with hardware environment common language run-time (  CLR ), an application virtual machine incorporated service like memory management ,security and also handle exceptions.

Usually c# is used with .net framework allowing us to access number of libraries that are particularly dedicated to use with windows.

What are the features of .NET frameworks?

Assemblies, Assemblies manifest, Type meta data, MSIL, Web applications,  Web services , Typical client server applications, Console applications , mobile applications .

Beneficial use of .net framework:

  • Provides server controls and blueprints featuring drag and drop and involuntary operation.
  • Since this framework works on object oriented programming which helps in elimination unwanted codes.
  • One of the best platform to develop fully functioning websites with an exclusive user experience
  • Interactive websites attract more customers increasing the chance of being potential buyer.

Advantages of .net framework technically :

  1. Direct support for security
  2. Simplified development efforts
  3. Consistent programming model
  4. Assemblies
  5. Easy application deployment and maintenance.

.net is the most using technology as it is more reliable when compared with the other technologies like java, Android as the load time of a .net is 30% more percent faster than other technologies that are present, and cegonsoft is the best in placing and dotnet training   with overwhelming response and placements of 75000 students in the It sector in Bangalore and Coimbatore.

Online Reputation Managament

What is Online Reputation Management ?

It is all about refining or reinstating your state or your brand’s pleasant standing the Internet.

The good  intense of your brand can be reestablished by challenging, abating or eliminating the negative details found in the Internet  .Your online appeal  proves your actual image concerning with the Internet.

Why ORM is necessary?

The Potential customers look over and  make a get-concord of decisions when they get to see  bad reviews, undesirable blog posts and description which grounds the offense foster on in various channels such as in search engine results and in social media networks.

It’s one of the vital aspect to maintain and monitor in order to vanish the anti-reputation elements.

We are a team of robust and adroit developers to state a few areas of expertise  :Internet Salespersons , ORM experts with Search Engine Optimization certified and vast experienced  in web development for more than a decade.

Most of the times , the abundant clients approach us to  handle their severity level of comments which are  released from the search engine results and national media profile, to avoid the elements with demerit publicity  and the elements which tarnish their brands. We handle them in a very professional way and avoid the gruesome situations of our clients.

We will overflow the search engines with additional covering of press releases/news content connected to your keywords.

We will prevent deleterious reviews, articles, blogs and other forums from ranking your underneath keywords.

We will undoubtedly commend control on peak of search engine results for targeted keywords.

We utterly suppress the derogatory posts from sites such as, Complaints, and will avert for  specific negative comments  from appearing through  search engines by  decorating the overall reputation online in a significant convention.

We monitor Google, Yahoo and social media channels for probable attacks that might raise along.

We are creative and technically sound to suppress the undesirable listings.

We design Personalized, high quality Content.

Though negative publicity cannot be wiped away or controlled, it can be blocked through the launch of wrapped news

We enhance your brand’s glory ,by pitching attractive news release ,which  repels negative listings from the starting page from the news or blog.

You are safe and secured and we maintain the  privacy of the customer.

We are an unrestricted and uncontrolled – robust web solutions providers , rigorously involved in  resolving the concerns about your business strategy and aims at your entire web publicity .

We are dedicated.

Delivery on time.

Latest technologies in use.

Flexibility in any modifications if any.

We grasp your business needs.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

We are creative.

We are reliable at all levels.

Increased visibility of your brands on website in effective ways.

Hadoop -Bigdata

Hadoop  – Big data

Hadoop – Big data… sounds good with an elephant picture!!!

Yes. So is an elephant, same is our large datasets collection.

It is an open source software platform managed by Apache Software Foundation. Huge data can be managed and stored cheaply and cost effective.

Basically it’s a way of storing enormous data sets across the distributed clusters of servers and the running distributed analysis application in every cluster effectively.

It is designed to be robust.

Why do organizations need it?

Well Big data is a collection of large volume of structured and unstructured data. No matter what amount the data is. But the relevant information gathered from the data is the vital key.

  • Robust computing power
  • Fault tolerant
  • Flexibility
  • Low cost
  • Scalability

What are the ways in getting data into Hadoop?

  • Can use third party vendors(SAS Acces or SAS data loader for Hadoop)
  • Use sqoop to import structured data from Relational Database to HDFS(Hadoop Distributed File system)
  • Use Flumes
  • Load files into system using java commands
  • Mount HDFS as a file system and copy write and read files.

What comes under Bigdata?

Social media : Such as Facebook,twitter  hold information and views posted by millions across the globe.

Stock exchange data : Buy and sell  data made by different companies where the customers have the share

Black box data : subset helicopter planes and jet recording voice of crew, recording of microphones in aircraft

Power grid data and Search engine data

There are three types of data :

  1. Structured data : Relational data
  2. Semi structured data : XML
  3. Unstructured data : Word,Pdf,Text etc.

There are 2 classes of technology in handling data :

  • Operational Big Data
  • Analytical Big Data

Therefore overall it is vast subject to elaborate in few words. But not limited to the following challenges :

  • Curation
  • Searching
  • Sharing
  • Transfer
  • Capturing
  • Analysis

Who should go for this course?

  • Software Developers and Architects
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Data management professionals
  • Projects managers
  • Graduates looking for making career in Big Data Analytics
  • Anybody who’s is interested in big data Analytics

Prerequisite for this course:

Basics of programming language

Concept of OOPs

Basics of Linux/Unix Operating system

Understanding of basic SQL statements.