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Android was launched in October 2003 by Android Inc., but later on it was acquired by Google making it a Google product. From phones and tablets to smart watches and digital cameras to TV and gaming consoles, Android has made its mark in every field of technology with a remarkable 65.6% presence. 71% developers across the globe prefer Android over other Operating Systems and a good 40% out of that are professionally involved in this domain.


As a fresher, working as an Android developer is the perfect opportunity because the  demand

android-training-cegonsoftfor developers knowledgeable in Android OS is huge. There is a massive demand from the sector of entertainment to IT, making Android developer jobs the triumphant in the market. Besides that a freelance developer can also make remarkable proceeds from apps. Being the most in-demand open source development platform, the job market is booming with millions of existing and upcoming jobs for people experienced in Android.Best Android Training Institutes Bangalore.

Cegonsoft has gained over 12 years of experience in imparting open source technology training. With that proficiency, we impart by far the best Android training in Bangalore. Java being the most widely used language for Android app development, at Cegonsoft we begin with by training in Core Java which has all the necessary tools required for Android app development.

Android Technology Advantage:

→ It is for Free Open Source.

→ It is a Google technology.

→ Large number of applications.

→ Writing the applications in Android is very easy as it is based on JAVA.

→ Developers can earn money by uploading your Android-App into market.

→Application Store (Google Play).

→ Runs on more than millions of devices worldwide..

Who Can Undergo Android Training?

Stepping into the world of software development, Android is the perfect choice and Cegonsoft is the perfect place for you to make a successful career. The Android course training is open to all those who are:

  • Freshers
  • Non-Freshers
  • Job Hunters
  • Looking for a career switch from Non IT to IT
  • Have academic back logs or career gaps
  • Pursuing Diploma/ B.E/ BTech/ BCA/ MCA/ B.Sc (IT)/ M.Sc (IT)/ B.Sc (CS)/ M.Sc (CS)/ME/MTech/ I.S.M aiming for the Final Year Academic Projects.

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