Call Center to IT job

INDIA has seen tremendous progress in the last decade and continues the same trend even in these turbulent times of global economy. This has impacted a lot of domestic industries including the Domestic BPO market. Though, the domestic BPO market has been growing at a healthy pace in the past few years ( As shown in the graph – Courtesy NASSCOM ),it has seen turbulent times due to various market factors..

→ Attrition

→ Dis-balance in Work Life Balance

→ Monotony at job leading to short term association only.

→ No work satisfaction

→ No career growth

Days of Golden Glory Gone!!!!!!!!!!

Beginning of the BPO era, it was noted very well that companies offered “Pizzas and pastries” to employees, lavish facilities and infrastructure support. A State of Art world class environment to strike the balance between work and personal life. But today with economic crisis and companies striking balance between quality and huge volume of hiring that charm is lost!!!!.

Current Reality

Current context BPO’s are no better than any regular employers, that extravaganza and charm is lost, no more job seekers/job hunters look for Call Center as Career, but as short term goal. A STOP GAP ARRANGEMENT TO MAKE MONEY – but they fail to realize that the short term goal leads them to a block end.

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