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As many as 50 Lakh graduates every year in India out of which 1.5 million alone are engineering graduates of which a minimum proportion are from Tier-I Institutes. The MNC’s aim at hiring techies from these institutes. What happens to the rest? The picture is not explainable.

Ten million Indians i.e. approximately 15% of the literate population with graduate, post-graduate and technical degrees are looking for work as of 2011 survey.

(Source: The Hindu, November 7 2015)

We researched on the root of this grimmer picture and concluded that the gap between the candidates and the corporate world is the corporate hiring strategy and the deficiency of quality in the candidates to match with the policy. In the professional world of technology it is termed as the Resource Quality Gap (RQG). Due to RQG, quantity has surpassed the quality factor. To bridge this gap, the candidates need industry-oriented training of functional skills

Cegonsoft has an array of professional courses under one banner to help you make your leap to the IT industry through proper training and assistance. There is a list of programs to suit your individual objective. Still having confusion about which courses to opt for? Then take our free counselling session where experienced counselors will guide you to understand your skills and take up the training program that best suits your taste.

Lack of time for all these???

Cegonsoft also endeavors to provide you the provision within your own college campus. The within-college-premises programs include:

  • Technology training and workshops on trending technologies.
  • Support from in-house R&D section final year academic projects / internship/ live project program under our TDC Approach.
  • In-Campus job drive in collaboration with client companies from time to time.
  • Free assessments to judge the technological ability and soft skills proficiency of students.
  • Conducting seminars on latest technologies through client companies
  • Inplant training schedules and workshops on latest technologies.
  • Conducting industrial visits to client company sites.
  • Placement partnership scheme for colleges.

All that and many more to offer you to accomplish your dream career. Cegonsoft is the Mantra to your success.