Corporate Services


Recently, NASSCOM reports the expense that a company bears to train freshly and will hire candidates ranges from 1.2 – 3.0 lakhs. Cegonsoft being an IT Development company with a well equipping Training division and an efficient Consultancy wing,  working towards the solution and set our motto following this 3C policy where we are the bridge between the candidate and the corporate. We understand the industry requirements, and focus on the Resource Quality Gap of the wannabe candidates.

Accordingly we have adopted a TDC approach for preparing the candidates to meet the current industry specifications. Hence with us, only the fittest make their way to the corporate doorstep, because we train the candidates to fill the RQG and then we screen them before exposing them to the corporate job arena.

Working towards our motto we provide-

♦  Professional training in the latest technologies with hands on experience in practical and live projects.

♦  Our training is delivered by professional consultants with professional expertise in the IT industry.

♦  Training is not just job-specific, it is career-orientation.

♦  Conduct of walk-ins, job fairs and campus drives with the corporate client base.

♦  Organizing employee training programs to provide staffing solutions to our corporate clients.

♦ Onsite and offsite corporate training in the newest technologies.

♦  Amateurs are provided rigorous training.

♦  Taking up client projects and work towards their successful completion through our IT division.

Over 12 years we are working towards accomplishment of our motto, and today we have built and maintain a dominant client base of 750 companies whom we have so far delivering with candidates as per their requirement. CORPORATE  SERVICES

Whether fresher or having experienc, resource process outsourcing or one time hiring, we have fulfilled their requirements immediately and will provide them with a skilled workforce.The result is our collaboration with the hi-tech firms who will recruite from us which includes