Agile Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Agile Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Agile Testing Interview Questions and Answers

 1. What is the advantage of doing Scrum?

A. The advantage of doing scrum is that while performing the test

  • It minimizes the risk in response to changes made to the system
  • It increases ROI ( Return of Investment)
  • It improves the process continuously
  • It repeatedly and rapidly looks into actual working software
  • Anyone can see real working software and continue to enhance for another iteration

2. Explain what is Scrum Sprint?

A. Scrum project is developed in a series of “sprint”. It is a repeatable and regular work cycle in scrum methodology during which work is accomplished and kept ready for review.

3. Explain what is a product backlog in Scrum?

A. Before the scrum sprint initiates, product owner review the list of all new features, change requests, enhancements and bug reports and determines which ones are of high priorities. If the project is new it includes new features that the new system must provide, this list of item is referred as Product Backlog.  The items that are kept on sprint are referred as Sprint Backlog.

4. What is an epic, user stories and task?

A.  1. Epic: A customer described software feature that is itemized in the product backlog is known as epic. Epics are          sub-divided into stories

       2. User Stories: From the client perspective user stories are prepared which defines project or business                            functions, and it is delivered in a particular sprint as expected.

3. Task: Further down user stories are broken down into different task

5. Mention the key difference between sprint backlog and product backlog?

  • Product backlog: It contains a list of all desired features and is owned by the product owner
  • Sprint backlog: It is a subset of the product backlog owned by development team and commits to deliver it in a sprint. It is created in Sprint Planning Meeting

6. Explain in Agile, burn-up and burn-down chart?

  • To track the project progress burnup and burn down, charts are used
  • Burnup Chart: It shows the progress of stories done over time
  • Burndown Chart: It shows how much work was left to do overtime

7. What is story points/efforts/ scales?

A. It is used to discuss the difficulty of the story without assigning actual hours. The most common scale used is a Fibonacci sequence ( 1,2,3,5,8,13,….100) although some teams use linear scale (1,2,3,4….), Powers of 2 (1,2,4,8……) and cloth size (XS, S ,M,L, XL)

8. What is a test stub?

A. A test stub is a small code that replaces an undeveloped or fully developed component within a system being tested. Test stub is designed in such a way that it mimics the actual component by generating specifically known outputs and substitute the actual component.

9. Explain what is user stories in Scrum?

A. In scrum, user stories are short, one sentence definitions of a feature or functionality.

10. What testing is done during Agile?

A. The primary testing activities during Agile is automated unit testing and exploratory testing. Though, depending on project requirements, a tester may execute Functional and Non-functional tests on the Application Under Test (AUT).

11. What are the qualities of a good Agile tester should have?

A. A good Agile tester should have following qualities

  • It should be able to understand the requirements quickly
  • Agile tester should know Agile principals and concepts well
  • As requirements keep changing, tester should understand the risk involve in it
  • Based on the requirements Agile tester should be able to prioritize the work
  • Continue communication between business associates, developers and tester is must

12. Explain the difference between traditional Waterfall model and Agile testing?

A. Agile testing is done parallel to the development activity whereas in traditional waterfall model testing is done at the end of the development.

As done in parallel, agile testing is done on small features whereas in waterfall model testing is done on whole application.

13. What is importance of daily stand up meeting?

A. Daily stand up meeting is essential for any team in which-

  1. Team discuss about how much work has been completed.
  2. What are the plans to resolve technical issues.
  3. What steps need to done to complete the projects etc.

14. What is Zero sprint in Agile?

A. It can be defined as pre step to the first sprint. Activities like setting development environment, preparing backlog etc needs to be done before starting of the first sprint and can be treated as Sprint zero.

15. Explain Pair Programming and its benefits?

A. Pair programming is a technique in which two programmer works as team in which one programmer writes code and other one reviews that code. They both can switch their roles.


  1. Improved code quality: As second partner reviews the code simultaneously, it reduces the chances of mistake.
  2. Knowledge transfer is easy: One experience partner can teach other partner about the techniques and codes.

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