Android ,Apps and Business

Android ,Apps and Business

Android is the name of the mobile Operating system owned by American company Google. Keeping Linux Kernel as a base, specifically designed for touch screen smartphones, tablets.

At present, Android is the most wanted platform for every developer. Since the smartphone market has grown at a wild pace in the country, while Apple’s high priced phones disappointing common people to afford, Android has made it widespread across  the country reaching every common man ,who can afford on smartphones, tabs and many more.

People are addicted to mobile phones rigorously, resulting in radical demand for Android applications and its developments. Meanwhile there are millions of apps which run on Android making the business a fully wanted concept for everyone.

Are you thinking of running your business through mobile phone  apps? Do you want to make your firm familiar to people mobile phone apps? No idea whom to approach and to trust ?

Cegonsoft Bangalore , the most prominent mobile app Training and  development company, engaged in developing sophisticated applications for various smart phones and tablets.

We offer the best app experiences for Android app , iPhone app , iPad app, Windows etc to state a few.

We boost the profitability rate by high end application development

Why choose us ?

We are at the peak usage of Agile Software development making the provision for continual improvement. The application can be edited at any point in this process.

Our designs are safe and protected suiting the industry standards, within a given stretch .

Customized Softwares :  We tailor  the applications which accomplish your requirement flawlessly.

Assured Eminence        : we serve the best optimized Android application.

We are Economical      : Android  is open source ,and its software development kit(SDK) is free of cost hence making it easily integrated to your existing web site or mobile app with Android platform .

Our special services includes ,but not limited to development of Android apps :






Social networking


Food and restaurants

Custom Android apps

E-commerce and online booking

Wi-Fi and GPS enabled web apps

Upgrade and maintenance of Android application


Enterprise Android app developments

Travel and Utility development are a few to state.

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