DotNet Training Bangalore

DotNet Training Bangalore

DOTNET  Framework

What is DOTNET?

It is a platform developed by Microsoft supporting multiple languages in it. It is mainly used to reduce effort of the developer to develop applications in any programming language and are rich in creating robust interfaces with high scalability.

The programs developed in .net are efficient in performance. Some of the new technologies introduced in .net like Silverlight, WPF, WCF, MVC etc.

It is a combination of both business strategy and collection of programming support like web services allowing you to develop modern software applications.

DotNET framework execute in a software environment and also in contrast with hardware environment common language run-time (  CLR ), an application virtual machine incorporated service like memory management ,security and also handle exceptions.

Usually c# is used with .net framework allowing us to access number of libraries that are particularly dedicated to use with windows.

What are the features of .NET frameworks?

Assemblies, Assemblies manifest, Type meta data, MSIL, Web applications,  Web services , Typical client server applications, Console applications , mobile applications .

Beneficial use of .net framework:

  • Provides server controls and blueprints featuring drag and drop and involuntary operation.
  • Since this framework works on object oriented programming which helps in elimination unwanted codes.
  • One of the best platform to develop fully functioning websites with an exclusive user experience
  • Interactive websites attract more customers increasing the chance of being potential buyer.

Advantages of .net framework technically :

  1. Direct support for security
  2. Simplified development efforts
  3. Consistent programming model
  4. Assemblies
  5. Easy application deployment and maintenance.

.net is the most using technology as it is more reliable when compared with the other technologies like java, Android as the load time of a .net is 30% more percent faster than other technologies that are present, and cegonsoft is the best in placing and dotnet training   with overwhelming response and placements of 75000 students in the It sector in Bangalore and Coimbatore.

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