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Extending support to the passionate and future IT professionals, Cegonsoft Pvt Ltd welcomes all final year students to accomplish both IEEE and Application projects with real time internship in Bangalore and Coimbatore.


” Students can either choose from the list of IEEE and application concepts suggested by the developers or if you have an idea you are free to work and can implement your concept, working with complete guidance from the developers.

One can get real time working experience and adequate corporate exposure which is not possible in other project centers.

Our team of expertise on latest technologies such as Java, Dotnet, PHP, Python,Android, Embedded & MATLAB opencV and many more.

Looking for Intern?


→ Java Projects in Bangalore, Coimbatore.

→ DotNet Projects in Bangalore, Coimbatore.

→ PHP Projects in Bangalore, Coimbatore

→ PHP runs on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.)

→ PHP is compatible with almost all servers used today (Apache, IIS, etc.)

→ It is very easy to learn because PHP is based on C++ language and the syntax used in PHP is quite similar to C/C++.

→ It is free to download and use.

Why PHP From Cegonsoft?

→ Current Up-to-date Industry Curriculum

→ It is Fast, Stable and Secure.

→ Syllabus designed based on industry requirement and in consultation with clients’ requirement.

→ IT Training coupled with Rs. 5000/- + worth free communication, aptitude and soft skill classes.

→ With huge market experience Cegonsoft helps to bridge the resource quality gap (RQG) between Demand and supply.

→ In line with industry expectation our training is balanced with 60% Practical & 40% Theoretical Sessions.

→ Exposure to Job Oriented Projects for every student which gives additional booster to their technical knowledge.