Java Training

Java is a programming language introduced in 1996 by Sun Microsystems. Since then, Java has gained enormous popularity due to its wide


range of applicability in different platforms from small memory devices to



mobile phones to PCs and servers to enterprise servers. Moreover, its design, plainness in writing a program, ability to run on any platform makes it the first choice of developers. Java started as the inspiration behind the evolution of the open source community and today it is the no.1 development platform with 8-9 millions apps running on it.

Most of its syntax has been derived from C and C++. An authorized property of ORACLE since 2010, the significance of Java can be estimated from its extensive use in mobile and desktop games to interactive applications like Google Maps. Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is the most widely used enterprise computing platform including network and web services. The big names like ORACLE, IBM, SAP, APACHE, FUJITSU etc. have application servers based on J2EE. This open source programming language provides the benefits like no other, which includes-

  • Open Source and free
  • Fast, Stable and Secure
  • Supports almost all databases
  • Runs on different operating systems
  • Compatibility with almost all available servers.
  • Simple and easy to learn due to its resemblance to C/C++

Cegonsoft being a veteran Java Training Institute in Bangalore with over a decade of expertise in Java course combined with J2EE, provides you the benefits of-

  • Latest technology based curriculum to meet industry requirements and demands
  • Free aptitude and soft skill classes combined with communication skill training
  • Effective training with 60% Practical and 40% Theoretical Sessions
  • Job oriented live project scheme.

With this methodical teaching of Java course in Bangalore, we have delivered the best of professionals to our client base which ranges from renowned MNCs to SMEs.


  • Who Can Undergo JAVA/J2EE Training?

    People who should go for the Java training are the ones who are-

    • Job seekers/Job Hunters
    • Fresher or Non-Fresher
    • Looking for a career switch from Non IT to IT
    • Blocked with academic back logs or career gaps
    • Students enrolled in Diploma/ B.E/ BTech/ BCA/ MCA/ B.Sc (IT)/ M.Sc (IT)/ B.Sc (CS)/ M.Sc (CS)/ME/MTech/ I.S.M aiming for the Final Year Academic Projects.

    Java Technology Advantage:

    → Java is Open Source.

    → It is Fast, Stable and Secure.

    → Java supports many databases (MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid,SQL Generic ODBC, etc.)

    → Java runs on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.)

    → Java is compatible with almost all servers used today (Apache, IIS, etc.)

    → It is very easy to learn because PHP is based on C++ language and the syntax used in Java is quite similar to C/C++.

    → It is free to download and use.

    Why Java From Cegonsoft?

    → Current Up-to-date Industry Curriculum

    → It is Fast, Stable and Secure.

    → Syllabus designed based on industry requirement and in consultation with clients’ requirement.

    → IT Training coupled with Rs. 5000/- + worth free communication, aptitude and soft skill classes.

    → With huge market experience Cegonsoft helps to bridge the resource quality gap (RQG) between Demand and supply.

    → In line with industry expectation our training is balanced with 60% Practical & 40% Theoretical Sessions.

    → Exposure to Job Oriented Projects for every student which gives additional booster to their technical knowledge.