RIA Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Application (RIA) is a web application that has the features and performance of conventional pc applications. RIA typically transfers, handling necessary for the customer interface to the web customer but keeps the large of the data back on the applying hosting server. Rich Internet Application increase performance and connections, providing a better experience to e-learning learners both the new technological innovation start and the experts.

Why RIA?

Rich Internet Applications has picked up its momentum just few years ago; with the highlights such as using, flexibility on application and affordability, RIA has caught the attention of giant stalwarts like Google, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and NASA. Sites including a social networking sites like Job Portals, matrimonies and sites with a platform or forum for interaction find this application to suit the purpose well. Cegonsoft is providing the Rich internet application Course, RIA Training course institute in Bangalore with 100% job assured with placement in bangalore.


RIA Advantage:

Rich Internet Applications technology for building efficient web based applications with a framework similar to conventional off-line program is discoursed. RIA program accomplishes rich desktop-like material, maintainability, versatility and mobility of course material across different interaction system. Currently, e-learning has become a veritable device for human investment growth, since it can provide continuous training, entertaining atmosphere and borderless applications. The need for more powerful, cost-effective, learner-friendly and local e-learning material supply makes the need for enhancement in the material implementation strategy using RIA.

RIA Advantage:

→ RIA is a combination of desktop and web application.

→ It is very easy to install it just requires browsers.

→ It reloads the webpage without refreshing the page.

→ RIA improves users satisfaction and increases the productivity.

→ RIA improves in Faster Search & Filtering.