Python – one of today’s most widespread programming languages on-the-go.!!
Many applications use Python as an embedded scripting language, a versatile language and a great tool for talking with databases.

Python’s standard library supports many internet protocols: HTML, XML, JSON, Socket Programming usage etc. Python is used by NASA, Pinterest, Quora, Dropbox and many more places .Even the bitTorrent app done by python for Linux and Windows. Python is mostly used on the server side and obviously includes webapps, widely used in game development, GUI development, Scientific and numeric, research etc.
Since it is the most popular language for scientists worldwide. Job profiles like Research analyst, Data analyst, Data scientist and software developer are some of the popular positions available depending on the company .

Python salary :
In Bangalore, the median salary starts with minimum 3 LPA with B2c and eCommerce companies.

So don’t wait.. dive right in!!! Start coding with Python!!.
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